Puppy Love

As I have mentioned before, our dog Penny is, shall we say, spoiled rotten. Here is some recent(ish) evidence.

Exhibit A: Mutt Strut

This is a really cool event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We went with one of my bff's, her hubby, their families, and all of our spoiled furbabies and all had a blast. We will be doing it again for sure.  Even the rain didn't ruin our fun.

Exhibit B:Doggy Daycare

We are lucky to have a place close by we really like that we take Penny for daycare and boarding. Yes, I said daycare. They also do open play on Saturdays for the dogs, which Penny loves.  On a Saturday, not so long ago, they had an adoption event for some local rescues and we went out to show our support.

It looks like J is strangling her, but he assures me he wasn't.

They had a musical sit contest. Somehow Penster came in second. Proud mama.

She was very tired afterwards. The reason we LOVE this place.

Exhibit C: House Behavior

I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.

The last picture is where you will usually find Penny. Catdog.

She may be spoiled, but I couldn't imagine life without her.


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