Pregnancy Announcement Video

I guess I need to start by saying that WE ARE PREGNANT since I haven't said it on the blog world yet! I'm glad to finally be able to spill the beans. It has been killing me to keep one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to us a secret. Now that I am about 13 weeks I feel ready to shout it from the rooftops.

Before J and I were pregnant I knew I wanted to make a video of announcing it to everyone. (Planner much?) Announcing has been such an exciting part of the pregnancy and we have been overwhelmed with love and support from family and friends. Unfortunately I missed taking video of telling some very important people because I was alone when telling them and its a little blurry thanks to iPhone videos but I still love it and I am glad that I was able to capture so much of the love and excitement on video to have forever. I have watched it hundreds of times at this point but it still chokes me up every time. I think I'll blame it on the hormones.

 I will stop rambling and get to the goods. Enjoy!

Pregnancy Announcement from Kim Burnell on Vimeo.

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