Master Bedroom Dresser

Since I'm on Christmas Break from school, I finally had some time to style the dresser in our master bedroom.

My dear husband bought me the mirror that's leaned against the wall. He got it at Kirklands, and I know this because I bought it and told him that it was what he was getting me for Christmas.

The white lacquer tray, orchid, and both of the gold vases I got from Homegoods.  The picture frame was from TJ Maxx. Clearly I still need to put pictures in it, but I was too excited not to share. The books in the tray I stole from the living room, but I got them a while ago for $1 on clearance at TJ Maxx. As you can see, they are pretty substantial hardcover books. A good find, if I do say so myself.

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No Sew Fleece Blanket

While searching the ads, and still denying that I was going to go out on Black Friday an idea came to me. In the Jo-Ann Fabrics ad, there was the cutest pink soccer ball fleece. I immediately knew that I had to make my soccer-playing niece a blanket out of it for Christmas.

I have made a couple of these blankets in the past for myself and others and they are very easy. They make thoughtful and pretty affordable (especially if you find fleece on sale) gifts too.

After you find and buy two pieces of fleece that you want, all you need is some good scissors.

I picked black fleece as the backing, which is hard to tell in this awful picture.

I started by simply laying out both pieces of fleece on top of one another and trying to line them up as much as possible.

Then I cut slits into the fabric on all edges.

And tied the knots.

And it's done!
 Furthermore, my niece loved the blanket!


Candy for Christmas

Once again, Pinterest got to me. After seeing all the candies and sweets all over the website, I was craving Christmas candy. However, I was not craving cooking for hours so I searched for fast and easy recipes.

I found...

Peanut Butter Fudge

Peppermint Bark


and Caramels
Source: food.com via Kim on Pinterest

All four of these recipes are extremely fast and easy. I literally made all of them in the microwave. I'm sure Martha Stewart would come after me for melting chocolate and making candies in the microwave, but I am lazy and proud of it. And you know what, they turned out delicious. I took some to my mother-in-laws for Christmas and the entire plate was gone.


Better Late Than Never

Last year, J and I decided we were going to send Christmas cards. His co-workers and many of our family members all send them and we felt like bums for not doing the same. Of course, when the time came we forgot. Opps. Our reminder came when we got home from our vacation in NYC on December 22nd our mailbox was full of Christmas cards.  Apparently I also forgot to cancel the mail while we were gone. My bad. 

Since it was December 22, we knew it was now or never. Thank goodness for the internet for all of us procrastinators out there. I jumped on Snapfish and got to work.

It was soooo easy. We picked our favorite design out of loads of choices and literally just grabbed and dropped our own pictures onto the template. We were then able to send our personalized cards to Walgreens directly and pick them up within an hour. Easy as pie.

I even heard that some people received their cards by Christmas Eve!

Penny was clearly the star of the card. No surprise there.

In other Christmas card news,  this year I displayed the cards we received a little bit differently than last year. I took some of my favorite left over ribbon from wrapping presents and put it over our kitchen cabinet doors and attached the cards to it with paperclips.

The original plan was wooden clothespins, but we don't have any and I was far too lazy to go to the store.

I used a command hook on the inside of the cabinets to anchor the ribbon.

I know it is time to take the cards down, but I kind of don't ever want to take them down. I love looking at them all displayed everyday.


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