Go out on Black Friday? When pigs fly...

We went out on Black Friday. Kinda.

We didn't hit our first store until around 9am because I wanted to get my normal beauty rest. I hadn't planned to go out, but those adds always suck me in. That's the point right? Well good job, it works on me.

We went to several places, but Menard's was really where we really cashed in. We went there for these table Foosball, air hockey, pool games for J's little brothers. They were out when we got there, but we asked anyway and they said they didn't have any. Later on in the store the guys we asked brought them to us! They were $6.99. Pretty awesome, considering they were originally $40.00 and the lowest I found in other ads was around $12.99 I think. I also got some other toys at great prices for our nieces there. Weird place to go toy shopping, but we got great deals and no crowds.

I can't share the details of what else I got there and other stores because who knows who will read this, but I am excited about my finds!

I got everyone on my list done, except my parents, the hardest people to buy for ever. Well, my mom's not so hard because we pretty much like the same stuff, but my dad is impossible. (I hope you read this and tell me what you want!)

I also bought myself a little something. This something is something that I have been thinking about ever since I saw it a week ago. I even talked about it at Thanksgiving dinner, which told me I needed to go back and buy it for myself.

A ceramic flying pig! I know, it's kind of weird but for some reason I am in love with him. Oh and we have decided it is a him. I texted my mom and my sister about the pig and they both called it, "him" so it was decided. I don't know exactly where he will land here yet, but I am happy he made it home with me! He was from TJMaxx so waiting a week can be risky, you know. It was fate I tell you. (or maybe no one in their right mind fantasizes about a flying ceramic pig). I'll let you decide.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This year we are splitting the day between Jacob's parents house and my parent's house! Can I just say that I am thankful that they live like 5 minutes apart? I can't imagine having to choose.

I have so much to be thankful for this year...

My loving husband

 My puppy

Our families

A new niece

The best girlfriends ever

and...being able to go to graduate school. It's a pain in my booty right now, but I do know it's a privilege.

I'm also thankful for J's great job and the life it provides for us.

And maybe most of all right now...My pies and apple dumplings came out perfect for today!

Andddd after all that baking last night, hubby ordered Chinese!


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