Bamboo Floors Part 2

When we last visited the floor project we were somewhere about here.

I promise it got better from here and I'm happy to report that the house is back to normal finally. 

The click and lock went down relatively quickly. The cutting and cutting and more cutting was that time consuming part.

We had to end early (ugh!) again on day 2, so we ended about here.  Luckily, the next day we had some reinforcements come in and we were able to knock out the hallway, the entry way, and the kitchen.

One of my best friend's husband Matt and my brother in law Zack were super helpful!

This is my I'm over it face. My brother had just had his wisdom teeth out but he ran our errands and it looks like he also put some boards in.

This is the only way I saw Jacob for 5 days, except he would (thankfully for you) pull his pants up when I took a picture.

 My sister Ashley helped but is taking a break in the picture. Preggo on the right supervised.

If I don't mention that my dad also helped and mom "supervised" I will never hear the end of it so although they aren't in these pictures they were helpful and we appreciate it so much!

They all helped us knock out the majority of the floors on day 3. The light at the end of the tunnel was getting brighter. We only had the pantry, the hall by the garage and the bathroom left. Unfortunately, every single board in these areas had to be cut. During this part Jacob did the cutting, while I measured and put in the boards. It's a good thing we like each other is all I have to say. 

We finished the pantry pretty quickly on day 4.

 Then...we got stuck. We moved into the hallway between the garage and the bathroom in which there were three doors and the rest of the day looked like this.

 Jacob spent FOREVER in the door way. Seriously. I wanted to scream but lucky for him I wore my patient pants that day. All you need to know is that my idea was right and his was wrong.

This was Saturday before going back to work and even though we had only tiny spaces left to finish on day 4, we did not finish.

Day 5: The bathroom. We had to remove the toilet which require trips to Lowes and a visit from my father in law but we did it without breaking or ruining anything so I'm going to chalk it up as a win. The other bonus is that now we know how to change toilets ourselves.

And at about 4pm on the Sunday before returning to work after Christmas Break, the last piece went in. In the spirit of keeping it real, I measured the very last piece wrong and the picture below is not the last piece, but let's pretend.

 The boards were all down, but we couldn't call the floors done just yet. We had to paint and re-install the quarter rounds and wait for the carpet reducers to come in. We had to special order transition pieces for between the rooms that did not get new floors. Unfortunately, these took a couple of weeks to come in, but I'm happy to report that they are in now too. I was not near as excited about the transition pieces so I didn't taken any pictures of the installation, but basically one end slides of the hardwood and the other end we pulled and tucked the carpet under. We just used liquid nails to hold them in place. Sorry for the extremely blurry picture.

As for the quarter rounds, I used my trusty spray paint to give them a fresh coat of paint and then Jacob used a nail gun to reattach them. Some caulk and some paint touch ups and the floors were officially 100% done! 

An entire 10 hours before I was hosting a baby shower for one of my best friends at our house...


karen chang said...

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Anonymous said...

The color is beautiful and the finished job looks great, BUT did you not remove the baseboard for installation? No bueno.

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