New House Progress

We are slowly but surely getting moved in and settled into our new house. There is still a lot of work to do, but I know these things take time without the magic of HGTV. So I just wanted to stop in and post some pictures of the progress we have made thus far. 

WARNING: Longest post ever

Our family room is one of my favorite rooms in the house so far. Probably because most of our money and work have been used in this room.

I love love LOOOVE the couch. I am so happy we went with the big sectional. It's so comfy and pretty! We got the coffee table and blanket at IKEA, the medallion pillow at Garden Ridge and already owned everything else.

My mirror was one of my favorite HomeGoods finds. I found this way before we moved, but I knew it would be perfect here. I also paid around $60 for it, as it was on clearance because the frame on some of the bursts(?) was damaged. Unless you take it off the wall and look closely you can't see it and since I don't have plans to do so, it works for us.

We made the tv unit. The bottom is an old bookcase turned on its side and Jacob made cabinet doors for it and a shelf for the cable box. The side bookcases were given to us from my Grandma. We painted it all, frosted the glass, added door knobs, and used silver rub and buff on all of the brass. It was a pain in the butt and took us 3 weekends, but oh so worth it. You would think I measured and planned for it to fit in the space (which I of course did not). Apparently I am lucky! Somone needs to order the TV mount and then actually mount it to hide the outlets and the cords...

These curtains are the newest addition to the living room. They are a housewarming gift from my parents. I think they make the room a little more fun and interesting. We found them at Z Gallerie, the chairs are Target, and the table was TJ Maxx.

Moving on...the curtains are also on the sliding door in the kitchen

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago and things have changed a bit. There are now plants in the window, different accessories, a new rug, pictures, a big clock, and a new cabinet. One day I will paint those bar stools. I would take a new picture and post it, but my kitchen island looks like a bomb just went off. Just keeping it real.

I can, however, take close ups of some the new things without being mortified.

The rug was a Garden Ridge find. I'm debating going back and buying a bigger one for elsewhere because I love it.

My two loves deserved a spot in our home...food and wine

That cabinet needs painted all white, but it will be perfect for cookbooks. It was also given to us by my Grandma. Notice a theme? She was downsizing at the same time we were moving into a much bigger house that we could never possibly furnish, so we inherited a lot. Luckily my grandma doesn't have "grandma" tastes so I got great stuff that I actually love! Our house would be half empty without her giving us so much and we are so very thankful.

The clock was from Hobby Lobby on sale.

The lower level also hosts our dining room, furnished from the store of Grandma Takayoshi. I have big plans of reupholstering one day.  I'm also on the hunt for curtains.

The half bath downstairs is another favorite space in the house. Is that weird?

Last, but not least the office/den is downstairs. I have tried very hard to get a good picture, but the paint color is not true to real life in any picture. It is a much prettier blue. I believe it is Benjamin Moore Blue Herron based on the paint cans in the trash can when we moved in.

I cannot even tell you how hard it is to get a picture without Penny photo bombing. Diva.

This room is definitely functional but in progress. I have big (read: $$$) plans. Fun curtains, adding trim to the bookcases to make them look like built ins, new floor lamp that was not in a dorm room at one time,and a new couch. I am also hopeful that that desktop computer will die one day and I won't have to have the desk against the wall, but don't tell J. Oh and I need to hang diplomas and pictures.

Time to head upstairs

That dark brown paint has got to go. I don't like that there are three(!) different paint colors on the staircase walls. Plus the brown paint was not applied very evenly. Also I think I need another row of pictures, but the frames are currently out of stock.

Once upstairs, the loft is the first room. One of the many reasons we bought this house was because the loft was big and cozy. It's more like a second family room really. We have made it into a media room. J calls it his man loft.

Down the hall is the first guest room. It's coming along, but needs pictures hung.

The second extra bedroom is known around here as the Japanese Horse room. The previous owners had horse decals on the wall (it was a little girls room) and just painted over them when they left so you can totally still see them. There also also random Chinese or Japanese symbols on the walls in pencil. We need to sand the walls down and paint, but I'm growing kind of attached to them now. No matter what this will always be known as the Japanese Horse Room.

I love the bed in this room and I think I want to make this room kind of girly. Priority number one is paint. Then I want some pillows to made it a daybed, art, and curtains.

I hope to get to this room soon because it is probably the least done, other than the master bedroom. The master needs some major TLC as it is the weirdest shaped room ever and huge. It currently looks sterile in there and I don't even have a picture. You're not missing much. Just image a big blue room with a bed plopped in the middle.

The outside is also coming along. We cleaned it up a little, mulched, added flowers, and put down some grass seed. We are also currently battling the weeds in the grass and I think we may finally be winning!

Writing this post and looking at all the pictures made me realize how far we have come and how far we have to go. Other than the master I would say we have all or the furniture we need, and what is left to do is most curtains, art, accessorize, paint, etc. The fun stuff!


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