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I didn't forget about you, blog! It has been a while, but I promise I have a good excuse reason. Life has been very busy around here lately with redecorating the guest room and master bedroom (pics coming soon!), babies being born,  people getting engaged, and oh yeah I'm still trying to survive grad school. So here's a little life update with 2 very exciting announcements. It's long but hang with me.

Announcement Numero Uno:

A little over a week ago, J's oldest brother and his wife welcomed a new baby girl into the world, Isabella Sophia. J and I are more than excited to be an aunt and uncle again and completely head over heels with this little girl. 
Isabella, meet the internet. Internet, meet Isabella.

 She is teeny tiny 5 lb. 11 oz.

Instead of listening to me ramble on and on about how cute she is and how much I'm in love I'll just jump right into pictures. That's all anyone wants to see anyway, right?

 Proud Dad! AND I just realized what shirt he was wearing. AYKM? Cracks me up! I wish I had a picture of my sister in law with Isabella but she wouldn't let me  even though she didn't even look like she had just had a baby. Maybe it was because she knew I'd slap it on the internet. And sidenote: 2 pushes. I can only hope...

What a great big sister! I absolutely love Chloe's expression in this picture. She is usually such a ham and I have probably 25 self portraits of her being goofy on my camera  while we were waiting on Isabella to arrive so it makes my heart melt to see her so proud and have such an excited calm about her.

I think it really gets me because I hope that she is able to have the same relationship with her little sister that I have with mine!

 Waving hi to the world. Just a few minutes old!
This right here. This is my best form of birth control. No, not because my nieces are bad babies and kids because they aren't. I may be biased but I think they are pretty awesome. I consider it to be birth control because I get to get my fill of baby holding, clothes buying, etc. until J and I are ready to have our own!

 J holding Isabella when I finally decided to stop hogging her.

I also want to announce that my BIL and SIL asked J and I to be Isabella's godparents. Yeah, that's kinda a big deal. I can't even tell you how honored we feel to be asked to play such an important role in this little person's life.

Announcement #2

 My sister is engaged! 

So, we gained another family member this week (even though he has been pretty much family for several years) but on Friday, he decided he liked it, put a ring on it and now its official! I am so happy for them. They were high school sweethearts so I have known her fiancee for a long time and I am here to tell you he's a pretty cool guy. I'm really happy that he will soon be my brother in law, and it doesn't hurt that he fixes my car and paints my house. And what we've all been waiting for... the obligatory ring pic...

Yep...he did good! I couldn't be more happy for them! She will be a beautiful bride! I also can't wait to start helping her plan. I should have probably been a wedding planner, but that would have gotten in my way of becoming a dolphin trainer social worker.

After a pretty rough start to the year, things are really looking up around here! I can't wait to see what is in store for us next!


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