My Wild Saturday

My how my Saturdays have changed in a few short years.  Not so long ago, my favorite Saturdays consisted of sleeping until noon, laying around in my sweats all day, sushi dinner, followed by 32 oz. Tie Dye long islands at Sports and then some Square Donuts on the walk home. Sushi + drinks + donuts. What was I thinking? That just sounds like bad news.

Oh! And then of course there was studying all day and into the late hours of the night Mom and Dad.

My Saturdays still usually consist of a lot of sleep, sweatpants, and actual studying, but today we went shopping for the new house. And guess what?!

 I made the commitment! We bought a sectional today!

Source: kittles.com via Kim on Pinterest

We saw this at Kittles a few weeks ago and actually agreed on it, but decided it was a little to expensive so we tried to forget it. Of course, we didn't forget it. After my cry for help the other day, my aunt sent me tons of pictures of what I said I wanted and again this was the one that stood out to me. She pointed out that they were having a sale so we checked it out again and low and behold it had come down the couple hundred dollars we wanted it to. Still pricey for us cheapskates newlyweds, but we LOVE it and figured it would hopefully last longer. 

I've also convinced J I will save it other areas. 

No really, I will!

So after the drama of picking the couch, now I had to pick the fabric. The sales lady handed me 6 huge binders of fabric and then pointed me towards another huge display. Awesome and not so awesome all at the same time. I narrowed it down, silently freaked out, then couldn't commit so we went to lunch. 

Sidenote: We went to On the Border. Way grosser than I remember.

While at lunch, Jacob sent out an SOS message to my aunt (who does this for a living and happens to live nearby the furniture store). He was over my indecisiveness apparently. 

So after lunch we met up and she saved Jacob's time and my sanity.

We actually picked out a tan microsuede or microfiber or whatever it is. I know I said I had ruled it out, but we found one that doesn't look like it will show butt marks (technical term) as bad as some of the ones I have seen. What persuaded me was a) comfort and 2) durability/cleaning.

Here is where a good blogger would insert a picture of the fabric swatch. Of course, I didn't take one of the one I actually picked. I ordered a sample that should be here in a week-ish, so maybe I'll show you then. Or maybe it will be a surprise when the couch is delivered when we move in. 

Sorry for the suspense ;)

Way more than you ever wanted to know about this dang couch? Just wait until you see what I did all evening. However, I think that's for another post for another day.


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