Furniture Dilemma

I have been planning how I want to decorate our next place way before we even considered moving. Weird? Totally.

So this weekend J and I went shopping to find what I have had in my head. We started off with some living room furniture. We have been to every furniture store within 45 miles. Come to find out, what I have in my head does not exist. I haven't even been able to find one I like that is above my price range which is typically my problem.

I thought I wanted a sectional for the living room. However, I cannot find one that I love.

The closest I have come is this one:

I like the size, shape, chaise, relatively tall back, comfort and fabric BUT I think it is too dark for what I want. And of course that is the only color it comes in.

After looking at what felt like every sectional ever made I decided to start to looking at buying a couch and loveseat instead. I love this one, except for the color. Notice a theme?

It's hard to tell in the pictures but these are actually gray and since I want to paint the walls gray I don't think it will work. I am looking for more of a tan color.

Then at the end of the day I saw this one

And again, closer.

I almost bought it. I still like it. But looking at the pictures just now in comparison, I wonder if it looks cheap. I also am trying to avoid the microfiber that I will go insane trying to erase butt prints. Does that even make sense?

I think we are back to square one. I may be being way too picky.

I am definitely being too picky.

I feel like I keep finding what I want almost. I want to combine the first two with the color of the last one. Well, maybe a little darker than that. But much lighter than the first picture. Ahhh!

So for now, the search continues. Luckily I have plenty of time since we don't move until April!

Did anyone notice that J is "testing" the couches in every picture? Does anyone have any ideas? I'm sure the couch I want is out there somewhere!


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