Labor Day Weekend

Jacob and I both had a four day weekend over the holiday weekend which was unexpected, but great!

On Friday, we laid around in our pajamas most of the day watching TV, snoozing, and cuddling with the puppy. We were l.a.z.y. and I'm not ashamed to admit it. We both needed it. My body still wants to be on summer time and is hating me for these 6 am wake ups.

Around dinner time hunger and boredom finally set in though so we ventured out of the cave. We were really creative and did dinner and a movie. Noodles & Company and Crazy, Stupid, Love.  I'll over share and tell you that I got the Penne Rosa with Parmesan crusted chicken and feta. Delicious as always. The movie was also really good. Jacob was a little hesitant to let me pick after my last choice, but he enjoyed it. I am pretty sure he laughed more than I did.

Saturday was designated a cleaning day. Not only did we do our normal cleaning routine, but we did some much needed purging. Four big trash bags later you can actually find and get to everything in all 4 of our closets. That's progress I tell ya. We also took some unused furniture to my parents to put in their basement for my sister. The plan was to just drop them off and leave, but as usual we stayed around for several hours. They invited us to stay for dinner and ordered Happy Dragon Chinese food, which if you didn't know is the best.

On Sunday we went to Indy Rib America Festival. We had never been before and we had a really good time. I highly recommend going during the free admission times because everything is a bit pricey once you get inside.

As soon as we got there we hit up the food.

There were several BBQ places at the festival from all over the country, but we decided to try Willingham's. To be honest with you, we picked this stand because it had the biggest line so we figured it must be good and this proved to be a great method. Everything we ordered was delicious!

Mmmm. Those ribs were so good. That picture is making my mouth water. Must.scroll.down.

We also indulged in some fair/festival staples.

I forgot to take pictures of the elephant ear, I was so excited to eat it so imagine it inserted here.

There was also live music. When we were there, we saw Beatlemania Live.

They were really entertaining, but some of the people in the audience were even more entertaining. Love me some people watching. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Monday was filled with homework. Ugh. 8 more months. 8 loooong months.


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