Procrastination, Easter Egg Hunts, and Chocolate Cake

Creative title, huh?

Who thought it was a good idea to move in the last two weeks of grad school?! My motivation to finish up the 23 page paper, the 12 page paper, 2 presentations, and a final in the next 13 days is at an all time low. And that is saying a lot.  In a weird way I wish I was freaking out more so I would actually work on stuff instead of daydreaming about decorating the new house. I need to finish up/START some of this stuff before we do the big move Saturday. Basically I need to stop procrastinating. I know this intellectually, but I can't seem to stop myself.

So in an effort to procrastinate even further I wanted to share some pictures and a recipe from the weekend.

On Saturday we celebrated Easter (eve?) with my parents and siblings at my parents' house.I made a yummy cake that I can't stop eating because 1. it's yummy and 2. carbs and sugar are my cure for stress. Since food is always my priority numero uno I took an overexposed picture of the cake but nothing else.

 I found the recipe via Pinterest from The Nonpareil Baker. I copied the recipe exactly from her blog and it was the best cake I have ever made. It's basically the Hershey's chocolate cake recipe with a cream cheese frosting in the middle and chocolate buttercream frosting on the outside. Yum! I would definitely recommend adding the chocolate chips on top because in my unprofessional opinion there can never be enough chocolate. The cake was a little time consuming but so worth it.

On actual Easter Sunday J and I spend the morning painting. Fun right? We painted the kitchen and living room Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray and I am very happy with it. I need to finish my school work so I can get my booty over there and take some pics of the paint in the daylight. But instead I'll write a wordy blog post.

In the afternoon we went to J's parents' house for Easter. There are tons of little ones on his side so I actually remembered to take pictures of the egg hunt.

Our niece, Bella got to get a head start.

Another niece, Shelby looking cute in her Easter outfit. 

And her sister Taylor hanging out with her candy stash.

Chloe is our oldest niece who never stopped long enough for me to get a good picture. She took this Easter egg hunt seriously.

Hubby playing basketball with his brother and dad

My beautiful sister in law Kiara and Bella Boo

And we will end with a cute baby pic. How can you not love that face?!


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